About Plakias

Plakias can be found in the south of Crete in the prefecture of Rethymnon. It has the view of the Lyviko Sea and was built close to the ruins of the ancient Minoan city of Lamon. The first inhabitants were fishermen from the nearby villages which built on the mountain tops to protect themselves from any possible pirate attacks.

The climate in Plakias is typically Mediterranean, being warm in the winter due to the low southerlies blowing from Africa and refreshing in the summer because of the northerlies. You can be assured of a good ten month stay with perfect weather conditions thus being able to enjoy the sun and the clean beaches with their crystal clear water. All facilities are provided for, on the beaches from beach umbrellas and chairs to showers and lifeguards. Water sports are available for all to enjoy. Nearby beaches are also easily accessed from Plakias. You can visit Polyrizo, Koraka, Souda, Damnoni, Ammoudi, Schinaria, and the famous lake of Preveli. The two beautiful gorges of Kourtalioti and Kotsifou can be found whereby one can also cross and explore its rivers..

More known characteristics of this region are its ample olive groves, flowers and plants and migrating bird life. This region provides all the necessities a tourist needs. You will be able to come into contact with the local flavour of the area, from tasting local traditional food to being able to participate in the local traditional celebrations and events whist continually feeling welcomed by the friendly townspeople.

Plakias is situated equally in distance from Chania and Heraklion. It is a perfect spot to use as a base to visit the famous gorges of Imbrou and Samarias, in the west, or the ancient sites of Knossos and Phaistos to the east.

Story of Region Gialias

Situated in this area which has a view of the Lyviko Sea are the ancient cities of Phiniki and Lamon, is the renowned Palm forest of Prevelli where the High god Zeus hid his beloved princess Europe. Well out into the ocean from this area are the islands of Dionysos and Paximadia, the islands where the god of wine, Dionysos reigned. The island of Gavdos is also in this area, where the kingdom of Kalypsos was to be, who according to legends fell in love with Odysseas who in turn remained there with her for seven years whilst on his long journey back home to Ithacus.

To the north of this region close to the village Armenoi lies a cemetery dating back to pre Minoan times. In the region of Gialias many monasteries, churches and bridges had been built during the Venetian era.