Directions to get to Plakias

Crete has two airports, one in the city of Chania and one in Irakleion, which are 100 km and 135 km away from Plakias. There are three ports in Crete to be found in Chania , Retymnon (35 km from Plakias) and Irakleion.

Starting from Chania or Irakleion by car through the National road you take the route to “Rethymnon”. Once in “Rethymnon” you take the exit to “Spili” following the suburban road for 17km.You then turn right at the crossroads toward “Plakias” and “Prevelli” and pass through the village of “Koxare” continuing for about 4km whereby you will come across the “Kourtaliotis Gorge” . After the gorge lies the village of “Asomatos” and at the villages exit turn left at the intersection on the route to “Plakias” and “Prevelli” which will then take you down to the village of “Leykogeia”. Passing through this village 4km onwards you will the turn left at the intersection onto the Plakias route. This will take you into Plakias where you will find a church on the left at the entrance to the town. After the church you will turn right heading upwards to a hill for about 100 meters.
“Zambia apartments” are found on the left hand side of the road.

You can also get to Plakias by taxi or bus, buses depart every half hour from the Chania , Rethymnon and Irakleion route whilst on the bus route from Rethymnon – Plakias they depart every two hours.